Finance Based New Car Deals

The most common new car deal type is finance. This allows users to spread the significant cost of a new car over a period of time, typically three years, rather than one large cash outlay at the start. The best type of new car finance deal is 0% finance, where this spreading out of payment does not cost anything (and may save you money if inflation is high!). If 0% finance is not available, car brands generally offer rates lower than financial institutions to incentivise the purchase of their vehicles.

New car finance deals in Ireland are generally higher purchase (HP) or personal contract plan* (PCP) arrangements. With the former, the payments are generally higher per month and you will own the car after the final payment. With a PCP finance deal, the monthly payments are usually lower, but you don't own the car at the end. You can buy it for a pre-set amount, hand it back or start a new PCP deal when the PCP finance deal finishes.

New Car Deals Ireland tracks finance deals, allowing users to find 0%, low, medium and high interest finance deals easily. What constitutes low, medium and high interest rates is determined mainly by the distribution of rates offered by the main car brands at any given time.

*Also known as a personal contract psurchase.

Money Saving New Car Deals

Discounts are another popular new car deal type. These come in many guises, such as contributions, vouchers, eco bonuses and eco/trade-in boosts. The latter pertains to extra money on offer when trading in your old car. Free delivery, free/subsidised insurance or free motor tax can also be offered, all of which are equivalent to cash savings. Whatever they are called, money saving deals are always welcome when purchasing a new car!

Mechanically Based New Car Deals

New car deals that offer mechanical peace of mind are also popular. These include long general warranties, road side assistance, electric vehicle (EV)/hybrid battery warranties and paint/perforation/rust warranties. The length of these warranties is a measure of the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Free servicing for a set period (e.g. three years) and a tyre guarantee/warranty can also be offered as a new car deal.

General warranties for the main brands vary from two to seven years. With regular servicing at authorised dealers, some warranties can be extended even further. Road side assistance and free servicing are generally offered for one to three years and paint/perforation/rust warranties can be as long as twelve years. Despite concerns in some quarters, EV/hybrid batteries are generally covered by an eight year warranty, which should reassure some potential purchasers. In addition, for extra peace of mind, a new EV car deal can include a free fall back to an equivalent internal combustion engine (ICE) car after a set period (e.g. six months) if you are not happy with your purchase.

New Car Deals Ireland tracks the length of general warranties, EV/Hybrid battery warranties and road side assistance for all the main brands. Other warranties are also listed, where known. This allows users to find new car deals with added peace of mind easily.

Other New Car Deals

There are various other new car offers that brands use to incentivise purchases of their vehicles. These include free extras, extended test drives and new car replacement after a period (usually twelve months). Also, a free charger and/or an electricity discount can be part of an EV new car deal. Some car brands are significantly cheaper than other brands, so competitive pricing is also counted as a new car deal type.

New Car Deals Ireland also tracks all these deal types, so you will always see what the car brands are offering on this site!