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Low or 0% Percent Finance/Cashback

0% Finance
Low Interest
Cash Back/Discount
Enhanced Gen. Warranty
3 Years+ Roadside Assist
Long Battery Warranty
Extended Test Drive

Ora are offering the following deals:


  1. 0% interest rate OR a €5000 cashback on the GWM Ora.
  2. Low interest rate of 2.9% on the GWM Ora.
  3. 24 hour test drive available.

General Offers

  1. Five year unlimited mileage warranty.
  2. Eight year OR 160,000km battery warranty.
  3. Five years roadside assistance
  4. Twelve year anti-corrosion warranty.


Not clear if finance offers are PCP or HP. Deals are still on their website, despite expiring on 31st December 2023.

See more information and the fine print on the Ora website.

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